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Leon Lifschutz

I'm an avid hockey fan and have been obsessed with the sport since I was two years old.  My playing career took me to lots of cool places and I got to meet a lot of tremendous people.  After washing out of Junior Hockey, I got into coaching.  I worked at SAVES goalie school in Toronto before relocating to Vermont and leading high school teams.  This led to an opportunity with the St. Michael's College Women's Hockey Team where I've played a number of roles on the coaching staff and currently focus on the goaltenders.  These days I'm more likely to be trying to score goals than stop them on the ice as an active beer league player.

Adjacent to my playing and coaching career I studied education and recently completed an advanced degree in education leadership and policy studies.  The focus of my dissertation was player development systems in youth hockey.  Yes, they gave me a degree for that.

I continue to be obsessed with hockey and am interested in digging into the events that unfold whether it be the feelings and emotions, underlying numbers, or breaking down the Xs and Os.  All of these make hockey beautiful and we hope to reflect that in the analysis on this site.

Ryan Sweezey


I may as well have been born at an ice rink. My parents met when my dad was a defenseman at Salem State College and my mom would figure skate between the periods of his games. Settling down in Lynnfield, Mass., my mom continues to coach figure skating to this day and my dad coached Salem High for 14 years before coaching the youth teams for my sister and I in Lynnfield. Needless to say, there’s no way we WEREN’T going to be skaters in some capacity.


My sister was the real athlete, though. After a stellar playing career at St. Michael’s College, she joined the coaching staff for several years along with Leon - hence how he and I became acquainted.


My love for and knowledge of the game always was far greater than my playing ability. In school I was far more likely to be listing out rosters by memory than actually paying attention to the teacher. I played youth hockey from Instructional up through Midget, and played three years of JV in high school. I was mainly a wing, playing defense occasionally. I was always small, not very aggressive, and lacked much motivation to get much better - and with the arts starting to take up more of my time, I called it quits from organized play after my Junior year of high school. 


I attended Northeastern University where I received a degree in Journalism with a minor in Music, graduating in 2014. I also spent some time working as an intern for the sports information department, covering a variety of sports, but mainly men’s and women’s ice hockey. After I graduated, I began life as a full-time musician.


In 2016, I decided to follow my sister up to Vermont and have lived here ever since. Working in banking by day, I am still pursuing music on the side, playing in the occasional beer league hockey game (sometime with or against Leon), and sometimes helping out the sports information team at St. Mike’s.