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Welcome to the Bruins Breakdown

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

We are excited to welcome you to the Bruins Breakdown, an initiative by two diehard hockey fans in the middle of a pandemic who are getting stoked for some summer hockey. With some extra time on our hands we've decided to have some fun and share some observations and analysis with on the beloved Boston Bruins.

There is lots of great coverage of hockey out there and the Bruins are no exception. We hope to build on that strong community with this blog. But we also plan on doing some things a little differently which we think will entice and enthrall a number of fans and add to the Bruins online community.

After each game we will break it down, hence the title "Bruins Breakdown" (we are very clever). How we will do that is what we believe will both separate and connect us to Bruins and hockey fandom. We believe this blog can become a go-to postgame for the serious fan to get their fill of analysis. We also like the casual fan, too, and this could be a great spot to better learn about and access the game. Our breakdowns will be divided into several sections.

The Recap - The recap will be just that. A couple sentences about each period as a quick reminder of the game. It will also include a minimal box score.

The Story - In this section we will highlight one or two storylines that defined the game - whether it be the battle of first lines, an injury, a Marchand lick, a filthy Pastarnak goal, Tuukka time, or Bergy being Bergy. In this section we will also share a quick comment on what Bruins beat writers and bloggers are focusing on for their post game narratives (including a link if you want to read more). We also hope to share a sentiment or two from Bruins Twitter that captures the postgame energy and opinions of B's fans.

The Stats - this section will take a look at the analytics and underlying numbers of the game. In looking at the game itself in this way much can be gleaned. Hockey is not all about numbers, but analyzing them, in conjunction with the outcomes and storylines, can provide additional insight. This section will include those insights in digestible ways (and with explanations) to dig even deeper into the Bruin's nightly performance and to see what we can glean from past performances to help us look forward.

The Video Breakdown - As much as hockey is about the narrative and the numbers, the play on the ice stands out as essential to the outcome. We hope readers of this blog will appreciate our breakdown of a key video or two each night. In these videos we will break down the Xs and Os, decisive moments, or important trends. Wonder why the B's powerplay has been hot or cold? Want to understand the finer details of McAvoy's two way brilliance? Want to appreciate the technical skill in a Torey Krug rush? In this section we will select and breakdown clips that illuminate how the game was won and those that just make us better appreciate the magnificence of the best game that there is.

Tweet/GIF of the Night - At the end of the day hockey should be fun. So we will end each post with some amusing content from the internet related to the evening's (or morning's as summer hockey may have it) game.

We are excited you are giving us a read and we hope to provide a great space to enjoy the Bruins and hockey. We will welcome comments, suggestions, and (civil as heated as hockey can be) dialogue. We look forward to sharing our love of hockey with you and getting to converse back.

-Leon and Ryan

Tweet/GIF of the Night

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